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Good strong class, until I fell out of Standing Bow Pulling and slightly twisted my back, ouch!

Tried to twist it in triangle again, wasn’t having any of that.. oh well, still 24 other postures to do 🙂

Class was hot and tough today, I feel like everyday the yoga-train is trying to run me down and beat me with sticks!!

I will miss class tomorrow morning, but should be able to hit the 6pm class, leaving me just one down.. so a weekend double fixes my missing day 🙂

In the news, it looks/sounds like Bikram is coming to NZ.. on the 15th of Jan, so just after Advanced on the Gold Coast..

Another rumour is that Joseph Encinia, a personal inspiration may be coming too.. perhaps even as far as Dunedin..

When I heard that I just about lost my fucking mind, the guy is Amazing!

Even though I’m new to Bikram Yoga, he has fast become a big motivation to me in my Yoga Journey.




So, today was pretty eventful, I got my left leg locked in standing head to knee and started to move my arms down too..


Oh, then I met an old friend, fatigue.. he’s a douche, he stole my calm.. I got fidgety, until I noticed that there was a noisier, more restless person in the room.. as Angie, tonight’s teacher, said “no matter how bad you feel, there’s someone in the room who’s worse off than you”

This guy had a cracked rib and was letting everyone know how bad it was.. so I quit complaining, I’ve overcome more pain and fatigue than I was currently experiencing so I refocussed and got my yoga on!

Ever since I tweaked my neck in Rabbit last week I’ve found it shall we say interesting… to see how the mental fear of failure and injury starts to plague my thoughts at times, tonight my first Rabbit was decent, but my 2nd.. geez, Angie stood on my feet, anchoring me and allowing me to really truly push my back up and open my entire spine, it was a fucking unreal sensation, I never knew I could get movement back through so much of my spine, let alone so soon..

Bring on the last 10 classes! I need one or two doubles to get there in time, but hey, I’m damn sure gonna make it!


Okay, so a week has gone by.. fairly uneventfully, class has its ups and downs, mainly ups though, my fiance has had some rough classes and is sitting 2 down currently, I’m now 1 down too..

How did this happen? The only real down bits of the last week, I awoke on Saturday morning with the most horrid case of fatigue, I was running on empty, I finally found the challenge wall, and it had kicked my ass like a school bully who ran into his victims big brother behind the bike sheds..

So, had a genius plan, cash in my +1 and just roll on through from there.. Sunday was tough, and Aja and I considered doing a double – just coz. But we soon changed our minds as the first class pushed us both to breaking point.

Monday was AMAZING!!! Aja and I both had super strong practises, in standing head to knee I finally locked my mothafucking left knee, still gotta get the right one there, but hell I really never thought it’d happen this soon!

My standing bow is getting stronger, but my 2 consistent challenges, my right hamstring and both my ankles feel like they are preventing me from achieving better results in other positions.

I have vanquished my fear of slipping out of Rabbit again, ( I tweaked my neck on day 16) and am finding myself closer to completing Bikram Situps “properly” 🙂

Aja and I missed today the 20th, she had some bizarre news from her Dr that we are going to follow up in the morning and reassess.

All things going according to plan, a single or double tomorrow and everything is essentially back on track again.

I want this so bad, being this close to the finish line and seeing it within my grasp is excruciatingly motivating..

30 Day Challenge; you WILL be my bitch!

I know.. I suck at updates…
Day 11 was better than I expected.. it was a back to back double so Aja could catch up and I could go +1 in the challenge.
The first class I loved, it was full but not ridiculous, and I thoroughly enjoyed the full 90 minutes, I’m spending more mental effort in Pranayama now and really does help!

The 2nd class was tough, I was fatigued but was also quite excited as I felt strong, not as good in the balancing postures, however I nearly locked my left leg in standing head to knee pose.. nearly, damn it I will get that bloody knee locked!!


So, 1/3 of the way through the challenge and I feel great before class..

Shit that changed real quick about midway through Pranayama Breathing!


I felt like I suddenly hit a wall made out of pure fatigue, my arms got heavy, my legs tight, and my back sore.. The room was hot, the teacher was flying thru Savasana’s, and speaking so fast I could hardly follow her instructions..


Torture Chamber (as Bikram calls it) seemed like an entirely accurate description of class!

Originally Aja and I had considered doing a double today.. we changed our minds as we both struggled through just 1 class.. which means that Sunday, day 11 we have to Get In The Room, twice! Which I’m okay with..:There are days in life that are truly sent to try us, and test our resolve, today was one of them, lets kick it in the pants niw, and look forward to a new day, a new class and a new experience in the heated hell hole that I choose to play in..




So.. over the last few days I’ve been left with no energy to post about my experiences in the room…

So, where to begin.. day 6 seems like an eternity ago.. and is lost in memories of pain & sweat & feeling hopelessly like I would fail @ this!

Day 7 I only remember feeling strong, not flexible.. and I remember falling out of eagle.. that sucks!

Day 8 : Now this I remember for two reasons.. 1 I had a decent class, fell out of triangle which is a bloody tough s.o.b of a posture anywho.. and 2. Aja & I had a private class with Donna, our studios founder! The private was cool, never realised until it was truly broken down just how tough pranayama is and just how much it truly sets up the rest of class!

The private took quite a bit of time, and so we’re finishing the floor series next week, I’m really looking forward to that!

Day 9: 9.30am class, I’m not really used to morning classes, and I find it quote hard to mentally prepare for the onslaught.. but today I managed to pull it together enough I think.. I did my best to integrate some of what we had revealed in the private class and also just let my brain go elsewhere during savasana.. which I find rather hard as I’m a natural fidgeter..

I know my awkward and eagle are improving and I feel like my hamstrings are starting to slowly release… hell now I just need to be 10 years younger so I can save a decade of bad posture and worse habits!

Day 10 Tomorrow.. maybe a Saturday Double.. wooohooo!

Tough class today, poor hydration effort & what seemed like 20 new ppl really took it’s toll on me!
Felt like I was running in empty, weak & inflexible are the best ways to describe how I felt, however within the class I had some good moments…

My Awkward Posture & my Eagle were both decent..