30 Days of Sweat and Breathing


So yesterday was day 1 of my first Bikram Yoga ™ 30 day challenge…

It was a good solid class, I’m really trying to go to every class with no preconceived notions of ability in any posture, and just let myself “trust the yoga”

Day 2 was this morning, and it was tough, not sure if it was the lack of pre class stretching or the fact that ot was a morning class. (Something I don’t do many of until now) Either way, I found Seperate head to knee stretching a real killer today, and my full bow super tough also..

I have 3 postures I hope to see change/improvement on, 1, Standing Bow Pulling. 2, Full Locust and 3, the Japanese Ham Sandwich..

Stay tuned, I’ll keep ya posted!


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