Days 6 – 9


So.. over the last few days I’ve been left with no energy to post about my experiences in the room…

So, where to begin.. day 6 seems like an eternity ago.. and is lost in memories of pain & sweat & feeling hopelessly like I would fail @ this!

Day 7 I only remember feeling strong, not flexible.. and I remember falling out of eagle.. that sucks!

Day 8 : Now this I remember for two reasons.. 1 I had a decent class, fell out of triangle which is a bloody tough s.o.b of a posture anywho.. and 2. Aja & I had a private class with Donna, our studios founder! The private was cool, never realised until it was truly broken down just how tough pranayama is and just how much it truly sets up the rest of class!

The private took quite a bit of time, and so we’re finishing the floor series next week, I’m really looking forward to that!

Day 9: 9.30am class, I’m not really used to morning classes, and I find it quote hard to mentally prepare for the onslaught.. but today I managed to pull it together enough I think.. I did my best to integrate some of what we had revealed in the private class and also just let my brain go elsewhere during savasana.. which I find rather hard as I’m a natural fidgeter..

I know my awkward and eagle are improving and I feel like my hamstrings are starting to slowly release… hell now I just need to be 10 years younger so I can save a decade of bad posture and worse habits!

Day 10 Tomorrow.. maybe a Saturday Double.. wooohooo!


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