No Doubles on Day 10…


So, 1/3 of the way through the challenge and I feel great before class..

Shit that changed real quick about midway through Pranayama Breathing!


I felt like I suddenly hit a wall made out of pure fatigue, my arms got heavy, my legs tight, and my back sore.. The room was hot, the teacher was flying thru Savasana’s, and speaking so fast I could hardly follow her instructions..


Torture Chamber (as Bikram calls it) seemed like an entirely accurate description of class!

Originally Aja and I had considered doing a double today.. we changed our minds as we both struggled through just 1 class.. which means that Sunday, day 11 we have to Get In The Room, twice! Which I’m okay with..:There are days in life that are truly sent to try us, and test our resolve, today was one of them, lets kick it in the pants niw, and look forward to a new day, a new class and a new experience in the heated hell hole that I choose to play in..




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