Days 12 through 19

Okay, so a week has gone by.. fairly uneventfully, class has its ups and downs, mainly ups though, my fiance has had some rough classes and is sitting 2 down currently, I’m now 1 down too..

How did this happen? The only real down bits of the last week, I awoke on Saturday morning with the most horrid case of fatigue, I was running on empty, I finally found the challenge wall, and it had kicked my ass like a school bully who ran into his victims big brother behind the bike sheds..

So, had a genius plan, cash in my +1 and just roll on through from there.. Sunday was tough, and Aja and I considered doing a double – just coz. But we soon changed our minds as the first class pushed us both to breaking point.

Monday was AMAZING!!! Aja and I both had super strong practises, in standing head to knee I finally locked my mothafucking left knee, still gotta get the right one there, but hell I really never thought it’d happen this soon!

My standing bow is getting stronger, but my 2 consistent challenges, my right hamstring and both my ankles feel like they are preventing me from achieving better results in other positions.

I have vanquished my fear of slipping out of Rabbit again, ( I tweaked my neck on day 16) and am finding myself closer to completing Bikram Situps “properly” 🙂

Aja and I missed today the 20th, she had some bizarre news from her Dr that we are going to follow up in the morning and reassess.

All things going according to plan, a single or double tomorrow and everything is essentially back on track again.

I want this so bad, being this close to the finish line and seeing it within my grasp is excruciatingly motivating..

30 Day Challenge; you WILL be my bitch!


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