Day 20.. hooray for cracked ribs


So, today was pretty eventful, I got my left leg locked in standing head to knee and started to move my arms down too..


Oh, then I met an old friend, fatigue.. he’s a douche, he stole my calm.. I got fidgety, until I noticed that there was a noisier, more restless person in the room.. as Angie, tonight’s teacher, said “no matter how bad you feel, there’s someone in the room who’s worse off than you”

This guy had a cracked rib and was letting everyone know how bad it was.. so I quit complaining, I’ve overcome more pain and fatigue than I was currently experiencing so I refocussed and got my yoga on!

Ever since I tweaked my neck in Rabbit last week I’ve found it shall we say interesting… to see how the mental fear of failure and injury starts to plague my thoughts at times, tonight my first Rabbit was decent, but my 2nd.. geez, Angie stood on my feet, anchoring me and allowing me to really truly push my back up and open my entire spine, it was a fucking unreal sensation, I never knew I could get movement back through so much of my spine, let alone so soon..

Bring on the last 10 classes! I need one or two doubles to get there in time, but hey, I’m damn sure gonna make it!



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