Monthly Archives: October 2011


So, the final 9 classes…

What other physical, mental, timetable hurdles will I have to overcome to battle my way to the end of this challenge?

Turns out, the timetable was okay.. 1 double in this final 8 calendar days.. whew!

Physically I feel shattered with 5 days to go, I barely get out of Savasana the whole class, I have no balance, I’m angry, thinking about how much time I’ve spent in this heated prison over 25 days and why? Its not getting better, I’m fatigued, sore, clumsy and grumpy.. not the enlightened yogi I was hoping for…

3 classes left and I’m weak still, I have regained my balance a little though, and my Triangle is feeling how I hoped it would.. wtf could I actually be pushing through this barrier of deathlike discomfort… finally?  I guess the final 2 days will be interesting…. tried my first pair of Shakti Shorts today too.. woah, I need more.. superman blue looks good in the room!

Second to last class of the 30 Day Challenge..
Man, it is on like Donkey Kong, I have no idea what just happened, but I am alive in class, my entire class feels like I’m in a cloud, nothing is hard, I do all poses as best as I can, the couple that I fall out of I jump straight back in…  fuck yes! All this and new Shakti Shorts… my Magic Pants!

Final day – nervous as mixed results the last week.. but feeling pretty good and confident that I’m ready to Get In The Room, one last day (for the challenge anyways)

That was AWESOME..  heat was a bit funky, not as hot as usual, but still, it meant that Pranayama was an actual breathing exercise, as I had to work to break a sweat.. I came, I saw, I conquered…

30 Days of yoga in the bag.. now I get to continue practising and enjoying the foundation that I’ve built through the month of September..

Next challenge… come at me.