So… Our regionals were on Sunday, I came third.. Soooo stoked, a truly humbling experience for sure. Got to meet many inspiring yogis including a distant cousin!

Mentally I’m now preparing for next year… I have a goal to work towards so that makes me work harder and Get In The Room!

Will share pics when I get them.



It sounds like a poor excuse to me too, but I’ve been too busy lately to post here, trying to make time again!

So, what’s new?

I’m still on track with my daily exercise quest, so thats awesome..

Last week I was privileged to attend 2 seminars for Bikram Yoga taught by Joseph Encinia & Yukari Miwa the 2011 International Asana Champions.

It was  the single most motivating experience of my life.

I don’t say that lightly either, but Joseph was / is my Yoga Inspiration. When I first started my journey into yoga my back was seriously messed up & here was this guy who (using Bikram Yoga) had overcome Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a Teenaged Aortic Heart Attack & more! I realised then that if there was something that could help me where Physio, Chiropractors etc had failed that this could be it..

It was almost a religious experience for me, and to get along with him was a bonus. Both Joseph & Yukari were such an embodiment of what Yogi’s should strive for..

Makes me determined to “Struggle Harder” on a daily basis!








Holy Crap!

8pm class with Angie teaching, felt good going into class, loose, strong, optimistic of my head to knee (which was OK) and then BLAM!  Triangle Pose.. rocked it deep & held it, Angie even said “that’s a perfect triangle” wow..

hard thing is not setting any expectations for Wednesday & just coming in loose & hydrated again.. heck, I’ll take one class with 1 perfect posture.. Gives me a little mental boost as I start to train for Nationals..

3 days, no yoga…

Friday is a usual no yoga day so taking Daisy for a walk was my standard excercise.. minimal I know, but hey, it’s something..

Saturday, Only 2 possible classes to attend today & slept in until couldn’t attend the morning option, after some consideration Aja & I decided to skip class today & take Daisy for a bigger play at a park where she can run a little more.. She enjoyed herself!

Sunday we did the same thing which meant that Monday was always going to be a tough class…

ok, so yoga was fantastic as usual, I’m a yoga junkie so what?

Only thing was, right as we were about to go into Camel, Donna told us about the Byron Bay studio where, apparently, you can roll out of bifolding doors after class onto the beach & into the water… Really? Who brings that up before Camel? Lol

Found a great link today;

It was shared by Donna on facebook & I figured id yoink it!